The Compostela Group of Universities (CGU) is a non-profit association aimed at fostering cooperation and promoting dialogue in all fields related to higher education. An initiative of the University of Santiago de Compostela, the group currently brings together more than 70 members worldwide, convinced that diversity is a keyword in the profile of 21st century universities. In our common journey, we share the path to knowledge and the goal of improving higher education for a better society. Our cooperation is mainly carried out within the framework of Working Groups and Activities and Projects.

On the one hand, CGU Working Groups focus on different issues concerning nowadays society like: The working group on Gender Issues, European Studies or Multiculturalism and Cross Cultural Communication. In addition to these, the CGU also has a working group on Northern Routes to Santiago, closely linked to trade routes and pilgrimage.
On the other hand, CGU activities include: The annual Compostela Prize; STELLA Programme: aimed to promote non academic staff mobility; the three Publications series or Compostela Media Universitas: designed to show the general public the research side of universities by means of TV documentaries.

The Compostela Group of Universities is currently participating in the following projects:
TEMPUS – MEDA  Two JEP projects are currently coordinated by the CGU: GASRIU (Gestion et Administration de Services de Relations Internationales Universitaires), aimed at the transfer of knowledge relating to international relations management for staff at International Relations Offices in Tunisia; and MUQ (Management de l’Université par la Qualité), focused on setting up a Quality Management System at Cadi Ayyad University (Marrakech) and obtaining the university version of the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

GRUNDTVIG - TRAINING COURSES The CGU is a partner in PAVE (Promoting Audio Visual Resources in Adult Education), aimed at the development and implementation of a training course for adult education trainers and staff.

ERASMUS NETWORKS The CGU is a partner in EUE-NET which intends to approach the transversal theme of the university role in a knowledge driven society. This network will be a means in itself to stimulate and adapt higher education for a better cooperation with enterprises, by addressing relevant UE cooperation areas, such as quality assurance and professional insertion and mobility schemes involving entrepreneurs. 

ERASMUS MUNDUS - EXTERNAL COOPERATION WINDOW The CGU is an associate partner in the project approved for Lot 9, aimed at the organization and implementation of student and teaching staff mobility between Europe and Central Asia.

LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME- CHINESECOM: The main objective of the project is to improve competitiveness of European companies by means of acquisition of competences in Chinese language and cultural understanding, as China is nowadays a venue frequently visited by European companies related to business matters. The major aim of this initiative will result in a multimedia and interactive Chinese language course. The role of the CGU will be basically to disseminate the project and its results on the national and international level and to promote the implementation of the produced course. 


Benefits of being in the CGU:
Forming part of the CGU provides opportunities for both training and professional development of the different communities within each CGU member.  As well as an international and diverse contact database that makes the establishment of new links and projects easier, both within the same geographical area and field of interest and with other regions or disciplines. In addition to information about links to other members and institutions related to education. Information about and links to other members and institutions related to higher education.